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The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More – Chapter Three

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

We finish breakfast in silence, except for the music I have turned on in the background; a mix of jazz and blues I often listen to in the morning. We had agreed before this first meeting, as much as we might want, we would leave the world at the doorstep for the few hours we would have together. With our meal complete, I leave to check the water in the tub and top it with some more heat from the faucet; it had cooled too much while we were finishing.

I had prepared for your visit and made certain you would be comfortable. After removing the tray, I wrap you in a robe and lead you to the bath, hoping the water is perfect and to your liking. While I allow you to rest, I remove the debris of the morning. Leaving only the bowls of cream, chocolate and honey for what I have planned. When I return I bring with me more coffee, iced water, fresh juice and fruits to sustain us.

You look perfect resting in the water, the outline of your body causes my skin to tingle; even at rest you excite me. For now, I am going to give you the gift of a true hetaerae. I am going to take care of you, and you will be a gentleman and let me. Still wearing my black kimono and heels I kneel by the side of the tub, and starting at your feet, I begin the slow process of part massage and part bathing with my special soft soap and sea sponge. I circle every inch of you, working slowly up each leg, behind your knees and up your thighs. When I reach your balls and cock, I set aside my sponge and replace it with a soft cloth, rubbing gently across the sensitive skin, grazing your perineum with my nails. I continue my exploration, your belly and chest, not forgetting arms and neck.

When I finish with the front of you, I remove my kimono and shoes and sit on the back of the tub so I can finish my ministrations. Sliding down behind you my legs wrap around you. My clit creates its own friction as my pussy spreads wide; my breasts flatten against your back as you press backward. The water level rises while our two bodies settle momentarily at rest in the buoyancy. My arms and legs are wrapped entirely around you now, and I am unable to stop myself from grinding my fully engorged clit into your backbone, bringing myself nearly to orgasm before trying to stop myself. You sense my need, and I can feel you chuckle as you begin to unwind my legs and arms. Suddenly, I am staring in your eyes as you sit opposite me in the tub and push me back to the ledge.

I have never been looked at the way you look at me. It makes me nervous while at the same time, hot as hell. You reach out and beginning at my collar bone begin stroking down toward my breast, tweaking then twisting one nipple then the other while with the other hand you push my legs as far apart as they will go. I am as exposed as I have ever been, when you reach with your free hand and pull on my clit, then begin to circle with your thumb, I think my head will explode. My legs naturally want to close, I am unused to the exposure; you don’t let them and hold me open to your view. You continue to circle my clit with your thumb, but even this isn’t enough. You push first one then two fingers into my now dripping channel; my head drops back as I meet the invasion with an explosion of pleasure. My legs are shaking as you continue to push my limits, just as I reach the top you lean forward and grab my clit between your teeth flick your tongue while pulling me across the galaxy. My pussy throbs around your fingers still deeply embedded in me, all I can think is, “Don’t move yet, please”.

About Scarlett Baker

Writer, artist and thrill seeker. Scarlett is a mystery, even to herself at times. Her exploration of love stories with a touch of the dark began when she found herself single and dangling by a thread of hope mixed with a splash of the terrible. Faced with being alone for the first time in nearly twenty years, with not a clue what to do with a vast future she decided to explore the world of her fantasies, something she had done little of up until now.

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