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Chrysalis Shattered

sensual-womanHead thrown back, thoughts swirl
Kaleidoscope colors burst
Hips wind a rhythm their own
Unhinged, loose and warmed
Reaching for something elusive
Hands twined, through fingers
Stilling movement and retreat
Stopping breath before exhale
Whispered pleas, no more stop
For you, mine now mine
Fingers trace lost curves
Forgotten femaleness hidden away
Waiting for invitation to emerge
To breathe, mourning lost time
Commanded let go,
Now, maybe forever but now
Chrysalis fallen away, shattered
Against walls of private fears
Of not enough ever, maybe today
Piercing the barriers of never
With cries of now please


About Scarlett Baker

Writer, artist and thrill seeker. Scarlett is a mystery, even to herself at times. Her exploration of love stories with a touch of the dark began when she found herself single and dangling by a thread of hope mixed with a splash of the terrible. Faced with being alone for the first time in nearly twenty years, with not a clue what to do with a vast future she decided to explore the world of her fantasies, something she had done little of up until now.

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