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The Right of It

Here are the important notices concerning all posts, pages, images and content on this site.

(1) All material contained in posts and pages are copyrighted, regardless of copyright notice being posted on each item. Nothing contained in this blog may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Valentine Logar. All derivative work based on content found must be linked appropriately to such content with prior notice given to the author. All rights are reserved to all material contained herein. To receive consent to use material or link for reference, send a request to

(2) Privacy Policy: This site does not use readers’ email addresses for any purpose other than the automated correspondence notifications of posts, comments and pages, the frequency of which is governed by the reader via WordPress dashboard or RSS feed reader. QBG_Tilted Tiara respects the privacy of its readers. Occasionally, an email will be sent in which the link subsequently does not work. This is a malfunction of the notification system. When this occurs, the link may work within 12 hours of the time the email was sent. In the event it does not self-correct, please click on the links on the right to view the newest posts.

(3) No post on the site is designed to forego, preclude, contradict or replace advice given by a medical or mental health professional. All medical, health and psychological content is designed to encourage open dialogue between patients and physicians.

(4) All how to posts on site are designed to impart basic knowledge and are not intended to give readers information to forego professional intervention. Knowledge imparted is borne of interviews by and personal experience of the author.

(5) All accounts contained in this site are derived from the personal experiences of the author, products of interviews given by the author or derive from course or personal study of the author.

(6) Unless otherwise stated, all images appearing on this site are one or more of the following:

  • Copyrighted images of the author
  • Copyrighted images of featured authors or musicians or artists, used with express consent
  • GNU licensed for non-commercial use
  • Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution or ShareAlike 2.0 or higher
  • Copyright free or public domain
  • Covered by the fair use doctrine
  • Non-redistributable

(7) Polls conducted on this site are designed to augment other survey results and are not meant to provide scientific or empirical data for any other purpose than the one used on this site. Results may not be used for any other than their express intent by the author. Any interest in or questions about poll results should be directed to the author via comments or by email.

(8) Reblogging of posts on this site is not permissible without prior consent of the author.

(9) Unless otherwise stated, all posts are written by the author, Scarlett Baker.

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  1. Good. Now, still, write a short version of this on your page. Ok, this is my advice, so you don’t have to listen to it 😉
    But for instance, I could very well see this on the top of the right hand column, and you don’t need the ‘Who is Scarlett’ (that’s how you’d find enough room for the copyright and age appropriate disclaimers), since you already have it at the bottom of the posts, just above the comments section.
    If your sexual content disclaimer is not prominent, and someone read something on your blog, they may report you and you will get shut down.

    As I said, this is my advice. Do with it as you wish, I won’t get offended if you don’t follow it 😉



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