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Leave Taking

Final Chapter – Leave Taking – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Your breath against my neck this morning reminds me of our night. I can feel myself flush at the memory even as my nipple hardens in the palm of your hand. You are holding me in tightly against you, our naked bodies sharing heat, your arm wrapped around me cupping my breast, your dick nestled between the checks of my ass, prodding at the entrance of my pussy as it begins to grow hard with my movements. I find comfort knowing we have slept this way all night, wrapped around each other.

When we returned home last night, I was exhausted by the day. We shared a late night snack and showered together, you were gentle with me. Perhaps seeing the confusion in my heart, you petted me into softness and rest, wrapping yourself around me and letting me feel the strength of your arms as I drifted into sleep. Now with the dawn, I can only wonder if you have more games in store or if our final day together will be of a different nature. The idea of leaving the warmth of our shared bed, the strength of your arms is unappealing to me this morning, so I push myself back into you, pulling your arms tighter around me.

“Baby Girl, are you awake so early?”

“Yes, I was watching the sun come up and thinking of your leaving today. I wish you weren’t going.”

“I know, it is time though, and I will be back again. It is not forever. You have been so good this trip. I am proud of you, proud you are mine.”

“How could I be anyone else’s, My? You found me.”

You gently stroke my neck with your lips, kissing from just behind my ear to my shoulder; sucking the skin between your teeth. Your arm tightens around me, pulling me even closer and I feel you hardening against me as my clit begins to dance against the head of your dick, with each slight movement of your hips, a soft moan brushes across my lips as my hips pick up your gentle rhythm.

“Are you okay this morning, Cara? Is there something you would like, some coffee perhaps?”

“No, not right now. I think I would like instead to lie here with you. Coffee can wait. I think I would like to make love or whatever you would like, My Beloved Master.”

“Uh-huh, I think we will make this morning for you, my sweet Cara. Remember though, some rules still apply, no matter what your orgasms belong to me.”

As these words are spoken, you roll me to my back and stare down into my eyes, bending down and kissing the side of my jaw and then with your teeth, pulling on one of the loops in my ears as you brush the hair out of my face. You sit up on your knees and straddle my hips so I am staring up at you, your eyes never leaving mine, the smile on your face is gentle as you draw my arms up above my head and attach the cuffs we have never taken down to my wrists.

“Are you comfortable, Cara?”

“Yes, My, I am fine.”

I continued to stare up at you, your secretive smile, your beautiful hooded eyes held secrets, too. Even with the secrets though, I trusted you with all of me, knowing you would not hurt me yourself and would let no harm come to me from anywhere else. You had breached my walls and found my secret self; I was transformed in your presence.

I watched as you grabbed a pillow, lifting my head and shoulders slightly raising me off the bed. Then you grabbed the wedge pillow from the floor, lifting yourself from my hips as you positioned the pillow underneath me, lifting my hips high and forcing my legs wide apart, providing you a view of a pussy already glistening with juices, simply from wanting you.

“Can you hold yourself like this sweetheart or do you need help?”

“Please, My. I will hold anything if you will make love to me now, please.”

“Greedy, Cara, always with demands, aren’t you? Not yet though, not yet. Answer the question, please.”

“Yes, I can hold myself this way. The pillow helps.”

From between my legs you kneel, looking down at me reaching for my breasts you lift them, twisting nipples until they are hard. Finally, you lean forward to take first one nipple than the other into your warm mouth pulling, engulfing each one and flicking across with your tongue even as you bite down. Your position puts the head of your dick just where I want it as you tease me by moving your hips in small circles at my entrance, rubbing across my clit as you do. I rise up to try to take more of you.

I feel your soft laughter even as you pull back, drawing yourself back onto your knees. I am mad with want for you as your free hand draws down my side and pushes my hip down into the pillow holding me to stillness. Your other hand slowly releases the breast it has been holding, running the flat of your palm down the center of my ribs the center of my mons Venus, pushing open my labia and with your thumb beginning the same circle rhythm, this time holding my hips immobile.

My soft moans fill the room. The scent of me fills the air.

“Look at me, Cara. Keep your eyes open. This is making love.”

I look back up at you, my eyes opening to watch you as you pull me closer to the orgasm you have commanded me not to have without your permission. My body is straining with desire for release, even as you increase pressure against my clit. I watch you; your smile is intent as you move both your hands to my thighs, spreading me even further apart opening me up even more to your sight. I feel completely exposed, without secrets.

Without warning, you lower your mouth grab my clit between your teeth and pull, circling with tongue and flicking the already very sensitive nub. Your mouth sends electric shocks through my entire body, nipples harden even more and my pussy throbs with the need to be filled, the need to cum, now. My thighs in response begin to tighten, to close even as your hands reach up to push them further apart; I feel my hips nearly unhinge as you open me as if to feast upon all I am.

I watch you, the sight of you between my thighs as your tongue drives into me and draws back up to my clit, sucking hard and flicking across at the same time. You repeat this time and again, pulling me closer and closer to orgasm, my hands wrapping themselves in the brass chains holding the cuffs, my thighs quivering with the strain of holding them apart to give you complete access, each breath a cry of need.

I am so close I don’t think I can hold back any longer, “Please, My, please let me go. Please, more, make love to me.”

With this entreaty, you drive two fingers into me, curving them to reach my sensitive G-spot, as you scrape my clit across your teeth and flick your tongue hard, time and time again.

I feel myself stiffen. I know I cannot hold back any longer even as you lift yourself to your knees and sheath yourself fully to my core, “Cum for me, Cara.”

My orgasm grips you even as you enter me. As you hold my hips still and my legs spread, my pussy throbs around you, grabbing and holding you deep within me. You do not relent, your rhythm continues driving into me, scraping across every sensitive spot you have already opened up. Your rhythm increases. You move your hands under my ass. You lift it up higher giving you greater access and me less control. I can feel myself on the edge. Your dick rams into the roof of my cunt with each push, scraping across my G-spot driving me further and further to oblivion.

I watch you. I watch for a signal we are together. I don’t think I can stop the next wave even as I wait, even as the soft moans come from me.

“Are you ready, Cara? Cum with me.”

As you slam hard into me, I feel us both topple over the edge. I feel both our orgasms as you collapse on top of me, your dick buried deeply inside of me as I throb around you and my clit keeps its own rhythm. I feel the soft moans each of us release, even as you pull away, and reach of the cuffs holding my arms above my head, I think to myself I could stay like this forever.

“I wish you could stay, My Heart.”

“I will be back, Cara. Don’t worry so.”

“I am not worried; I simply grow lonely without you. It is not the same without you here.”

“Understood, perhaps this will change soon. We will talk about it. I adore you, Cara. You are my heart, as you say. Let me run you a bath, so you can relax while I ready myself for my trip home.”

“Thank you, My. That is kind of you.”

So, you have left me, warming in the hot bath with oils and cup of coffee as you begin your travels. I know I will see you again soon; I will miss you while you are gone from me. Our explorations and our discoveries, they are unexpected.

Did I tell you I might love you? I wonder, should I? Maybe you already know.

Public Consumption

Cover 200x300Chapter 18 – Public Consumption – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

From the shower, I watch you walk by with clothes from my closet. I can’t see what you have in your hands, though. I hear you pull drawers open and shut them again, knowing you have by now learned where I keep stockings, bras, camisoles, corsets, garter belts and panties. I can only wonder what you are doing. I feel the slightest shiver run up my spine even as the hot water pours down my body, knowing you have plans for the day you haven’t shared.

I begin to shampoo my hair, eyes closed and head tilted back out of the water as I scrub my fingers into my scalp. I feel you step in behind me and push my hands down to my sides and take over. Turning me around to face you, tilting my head back to rinse the shampoo from my hair even as you reach for the loofah and pour soap across it. With deliberate motions, you run the loofah across every inch of me, first my arms then across and under my tits, down my belly and sitting down to lift each leg starting with my feet and working upwards, even running the rough loofah gently across the sensitive inner lips of my pussy causing me to twitch with the sensation. When you are done, you gently turn me and finish my back and push me back under the water, rinsing the soap from my body then hand me the loofah.

“You can help me shower, Cara. Don’t take too long though; we have things to do today.”

I follow the same path on your body; you had set on mine running the loofah across muscles, ribs and down your abdomen. I sit on the shower bench to take each foot onto my lap and massage soap up your calves and into your thighs avoiding only your balls and dick. My breath catches in my chest as your dick begins to harden in front of me daring me to wrap my lips around it and bath it with my tongue. Pouring more soap into the palm of my hand I reach between your legs, gently bathe your perineum before gently massaging your balls, covering them with soap from my hands then moving both hands to the base of your dick and stroking upward to cover you completely with soap, creating a slick friction. Covering your head with one hand, the other strokes down between your legs creates a cradle for your balls while placing pressure on your perineum. The hand holding your dick begins to stroke you, to clean you with soap and a tight hold from base to head and back, as I watch you. Soon your hips are moving to the rhythm I have set, a slow sensuous dance of hand and hip.

“Stop, woman. What did I say? No touching unless I tell you. You snuck this in. You are hardheaded.”

You reach down and pull me to my feet, turning me around as you do, grabbing the towel from the shelf you fold it and place it on the seat and push me back to me seat, this time with my back to you.

“Kneel there, Cara. Stay there ‘til I tell you otherwise. Hold on to the shelf and ass up.”

I can hear you behind me; I can’t see you. The steam from the shower isn’t enough to warm my skin, and it is cooling as I continue to kneel, still as you commanded. Suddenly your hand comes down on my ass, causing me to rise up, tears well up in my eyes and a flush spreads across both the cheeks of my ass and my face. Before I can relax, your hand comes down again this time across the other cheek, and again back to the first. My head drops onto my outstretched arms, I can feel the welts rising you deliver a final hard slap to my ass. The muscles of my thighs quiver to hold me where you have told me to stay as I swallow a sob.

“Now, Cara, will you behave?”

I can feel you leaning over me, your lips at my ear biting the lobe and then moving down pulling the skin at my neck. Your arm snakes around my waist pulling me tight against you, your hard dick slipping between my legs rubbing between the lips of my pussy and pushing against my clit. You are slick with soap and now with my juices as you rub back and forth across my clit, building friction until I am throbbing with need.

“Please, My, please I am sorry I broke the rules. Please I will behave. Please.”

“Please what, Dear? What do you want?”

“Please, Beloved Master, please fuck me!”

Morning is Broken

Cover 200x300Chapter 17 – Morning is Broken – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

After our shower of the night, we slept curled into each other. Your arms around me pulling me tightly against you through the entire night made me feel cherished and petted. Before light broke through the shutters, my eyes were open and I lay in your arms, listening to you breathe. Your nakedness against my back, tucked around me. Your arms pulling me into you as if to keep me still until you wake and are ready to release me to the day. I begin slowly to stretch my muscles, rolling my shoulders and straightening my legs, discovering your use of the night before has left me sore and aching in the most telling and delicious way. Trying to slip out from under you without waking you, your arms tighten around me.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Going to make coffee and pee. It is morning.”

“Huh, come back to bed when you are done. I am not done with you.”

“Of course, what else though? I think I might be too sore this morning for much fun, My Heart.”

“Sore, what is sore? We will see.”

I can’t help but wonder what is in your mind; the look on your face so early doesn’t bode well for a peaceful morning. I throw on my wrap and make my way to the kitchen still thinking about your words, considering a peace offering on the way. Will a peace offering remove the look from your eye, that predatory look you get when you are preparing something that will move me further from my comfort zone? A shiver runs up my spine as I consider you and the possibilities.

With coffee running, I make my way back to the bedroom and then the bath. Finishing morning absolution’s, running a brush through my hair, I hear your voice rumble from the bed. “What are you doing, woman? Are you avoiding me?”

“Never, My Heart, I am just freshening up.”

“Well then, move your ass. Get in here.”

I think I have been avoiding returning to bed, almost afraid of what you have in store this morning. I notice you have returned the wedge pillow to the bed, this time at the foot of the bed.

“Sit, Cara. We should talk.”

You point to the end of the bed; your legs are sprawled open so I have no choice but to sit between them facing you, back against the pillow. The gleam in your eye tells me you have plans; I am between terror and excitement considering the possibilities as I arrange myself at the foot of the bed.

“What is it, My Heart, so early in the morning that we should talk about?”

I reach over to stroke your leg. It is impossible for me to ignore and nearly impossible for me not to touch you when I am near you.

“Stop, sweetheart. This is what we are going to talk about. Today, you are not to touch. You don’t touch me; no matter what I do, you don’t touch me. You don’t touch yourself, unless I tell you that you can.”

“But, My, that is impossible. How will I go a day without touch?”

“I did not say there would be no touch, did I? I said you would not touch. You will keep your hands and your mouth to yourself.”

“But, My Heart, I love touching you. This is a terrible direction. I don’t like this at all. Why are you doing this?”

“Think of this as foreplay, Cara. Something new”, you say with a sly grin as you reach for your dick and begin slowly running your hand up to the head and back down to the base. I am mesmerized by the sight of you masturbating, as pre-cum glistens and your eyes watch me. I want only one thing, I want to replace your hand with mine and then to take you into my mouth, swallowing as much of you as possible.

Consequences of Disobedience

Cover 200x300Chapter 16 – Consequences of Disobedience – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

“Are you pleased, Cara?” You stare down at me through hooded eyes while winding my hair through your fingers.

“Yes, My Heart, I am.”

You are pulling my hair harder than is normal, the look in your eyes is contemplative, and my heart skips a beat as I watch you searching the room.

“Don’t move, Cara. Stay right where you are, close your eyes and keep them closed.”

I hear you walk across the room to your bags; I want to look but you have commanded me to keep my eyes closed. I hear you in your large suitcase. Something rattles, and then you are before me again. Something cold touches my hip, and then you slip something over my head across my eyes.

“Open your eyes Cara, can you see?”

“No, My, it is dark.”

“How do you feel in the dark, my Cara? Does it bother you?”

“A little, My. I trust you though. I can tolerate the dark because I trust you.”

“That is good, my sweet disobedient girl. Trust is always needful. Move up on the bed now and put your hands above your head.”

I slide to the center of the bed with my back to the cool leather on the headboard and raise my hands as you have commanded. I feel bands slip over my hands, and you tighten them around my wrists, testing them to be certain I cannot slip out of them. They are tight, and when I pull, they tighten even further. These are not the fur covered handcuffs but something different, something more confining that you have attached to the eye-ring at the top of the bed.

Kneeling between my legs, you begin to run your fingers down my body delicately, and starting at my bound wrists, gentle runs down the inside of my arms and then across my collarbone, across the outside of my breasts. Using both hands you push my breasts together until the nipples are nearly touching, then you lean down to take first one then the other into your mouth, pulling each hard, swirling you tongue across them until they harden and pucker, darkening in pleasure.

You continue your exploration running your hands down my sides, sending shivers up my spine. My breath quickens and soft moans escape me as your hands grab my thighs, push them apart, raising me up onto your knees.

“Lift your ass up woman; don’t make me do all the work!”

I feel the soft fur of the wedge pillow as you push it beneath me, lifting me so my ass and cunt are tilted up and nearly immobile. Your hands continue their exploration, running down my legs, first the outside, then under my knees; I try to pull my legs together as you touch sensitive spots.

“Stop. Don’t move unless I tell you to.”

I freeze where I lay, legs spread and ass up with cold air blowing on me. I feel your hands continue their exploration reaching my ankles, encircling first one, lifting my foot to your lips where you place a soft kiss on the top before I feel you snap something around the ankle you are holding and tighten it, gently lowering my foot back to the bed. Again, I feel your hand run from thigh to ankle, lifting my foot you again kiss the top of my foot this time running your tongue gently to my ankle before once again snapping a restraint around it. I can feel something holding my legs apart, something pushing between my ankles spreading me, restraining me; I feel vulnerable and exposed arms stretched above my head, legs spread and ass lifted up to you.

“Are you okay, Cara?”

“I am a little afraid, My. I cannot move.”

“No, Cara, you can only lay as I tell you, do as I tell you and be quiet from now on. Are you okay?”

“Yes, My Beloved Master, I am fine. I trust you.”

“You need a bit of a lesson, Cara; you have been a bit hardheaded, disobedient even.”

“Yes, My, I have been. I am so sorry.”

“Shh, no talking Cara; from now on no sound unless I ask you a question.”

Preparations and Nerves

Cover 200x300Chapter 15 – Preparations and Nerves – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

You ask questions I don’t know the answers to, startling me into self-awareness and sometimes causing a blush to rise where I haven’t blushed in years. The thought of you sometimes causes me to wiggle in my seat, not knowing quite how to stop heat from flooding through me. I do not know what is happening to my natural reserve. I dare things I wouldn’t consider with another man. You make me laugh even as my heart rests peacefully, knowing you would not harm me, even as you tell me to walk through doors. I am constantly amazed and slightly bothered by you. It is a phenomenon what you do to me, and I have given it all over to you. Now it is only a matter of what is next.

There are days at work, days when I am barely able to focus on what is in front of me; days I rush from the office to call you just to hear your voice rumble in my ear. There are mornings when I sit to write, knowing I have a deadline and instead I find myself reading the last e-mail from you describing some decadent and fantastic fantasy you wish for me to think about, to consider. I wonder who I am becoming, this sexual wanton.

You are coming back today; I am a bundle of nerves. You haven’t told me when you will arrive, only that you will be here sometime this evening. The waiting has my body on high alert, constantly sending signals, barely able to sit for five minutes without wanting to bring myself to orgasm, just to take the edge off. Instead, I have prepared my bedroom for your arrival even adding new furniture I think you will approve of, designed specifically for lovemaking.

Preparing my bath, I think of our earlier conversation and laugh at our similarities, even as I wonder at our differences in delivery. Do you know how alike we are? I wonder. The warm water embraces me, soothing my tensions as I begin the slow dance of fingers across nipples, belly and down to clit; you haven’t commanded me this time not to touch myself, not to bring myself off. Laying back in the tub I let my legs fall apart as I spread the lips and dream of your hands in place of mine as I slowly rub in circular motions against an already swollen, throbbing clit. With my free hand, I pinch first one then the other nipple, holding breasts up and together barely out of the water. The motion of my hips rocking begins to create waves in my bath, and soon water is splashing over the side as they rise in orgasm. As I remember you holding me down in pleasure in past orgasms, I try to emulate this action.

With at least the first edge of nerves off, I finish my bath, shaving all the parts of me that will touch you, scrubbing all the parts of me that will be against you or surrounding you. You have told me to meet you in bed, that you will be late. I don’t know what this means, but as always I try to comply with your requests, or are they commands, even knowing I won’t sleep ‘til you arrive.

Your tongue spreading the lips of my pussy, nudging them apart as your teeth nip at the tip of my clit is what awakens me. Your hands pushing my legs apart, shoving me across the bed from my place at the edge where I usually sleep, is what pulls me from my rest. You have pulled the covers back from my prone body exposing me to the cool air and started waking my senses before fully awakening me. It is dreamlike.

“My Heart, what time is it?”

You stop what you are doing to look up at me the smile in your eyes says everything I need to know, calming fears and sending blood rushing to flush both cheeks and pussy at once.

“Baby Girl, does it matter? Move now, so I can join you. Are you glad to see me?”

“More than glad, My, more than glad. I have missed you terribly; my bed is empty without you.”