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Beloved Master – A Taste

Cover 200x300Beloved Master – Chapter Seven

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Arms wrapped around me, you pull me onto the bed and hard against you, “Sleep. It is still early. We will talk when we wake up.”
You have turned my night light off, and the room is in complete darkness; I don’t know if I can sleep this way. Your arms tighten around me even harder. You must remember me telling you of my fear of the dark. Slowly, I relax against you as I let my breath out and it becomes more even.

You must have thought I was asleep as you whispered, “Before this weekend is over, I’m going to own you, your mind, your body, your soul and your heart.”

I heard you. I smiled to myself in the darkness thinking, My Heart, you already do, at least some of it, at least one part maybe more. I don’t think I will tell you though, not yet.

Sleep took us both. I woke before you still wrapped in your arms, better rested than I have been in weeks and remembered your words of earlier. Slipping gently from the warm cocoon of the bed I pad barefoot to the closet to retrieve something to cover my nakedness. It wouldn’t do to advertise to my neighbors how I sleep at night or that I am only now rising, when the sun is high in the sky and the heat is beginning to shape the day. At the bedroom door, I stop and stare across the room at you, still sleeping peacefully and panic slightly at the thought you are here without warning and I am not prepared for a guest, certainly not for you, though I suspect you might guess there is little food in the pantry but coffee. I wonder, can I sneak to the store before you wake so at least I can feed you breakfast? I quietly close the door. At least I can get coffee started before showering.

Standing under the steaming water, head back and eyes closed I don’t know you have joined me until your teeth grab my nipple and your fingers spread me so you can reach my soap slicked pussy. The shock sends waves of pleasure up my spine; my knees go weak as your other arm snakes around my back to hold me upright.

“Good morning. Where did you think you were going? Who told you to leave the bed?”

“Mornin’, oh, oh, shit, stop. How can I answer when you are doing that? Stop.”

“You’ll learn. Answer. Where were you going?”

“To the store. I have nothing to feed you. Oh, my God, stop it.”

Your hand has taken me over, the only thing holding me up under the spray of water is your other arm, my entire body is shaking with the power of the orgasm I feel about to shatter my morning.

“Turn around, let me wash your back,” you say to me as you remove your hand just before I explode. I am bereft. What are you doing? You have never left me wanting, my juices are mixed with the soap and I can smell my wanting, my desire for you as your arm moves around to grab the sponge from me and you push me forward toward corner bench and out of the spray of the water. I notice you have folded the towel on the hard tile bench as my eyes close in erotic pleasure. You have started at my shoulders, rubbing in circles across my back until you reach my ass, with your free hand you bend me further forward until my knees are balanced on the edge of the small bench and you are running the sponge down between my legs and up between the cheeks of my ass, again mixing my own juices with the scent of lavender soap; it is a heady scent.

“Bend over,” you whisper as I feel your hands replaced with the head of your dick rubbing between my ass cheeks. Like me you are slick with soap, and even as my knees spread and I reach my arms out to balance I feel you pressing yourself into my ass, as your hands grab my hips to hold them still for your slow invasion. I hold my breath as you slowly fill me, proving your dominance, your owning. Then you begin to move, there is so little space I cannot move with you this time. This is your pace your dance I can only accept this time, even as my own pleasure builds. Suddenly you bend forward, just enough to reach my slicked and throbbing clit with one hand. Spreading my soap-slicked lips even as I push my knees the very last inches they will spread to give you more, your pace quickens to take all I have. I feel us both on the brink, my hands holding the shelf and your free hand imprinting my hip with your fingers. I am done; my muscles clench around you. My head drops between my shoulders as my breath comes in short gasps. You don’t stop though and just behind me, you push into me pulling me against you, grabbing both hips to hold me tight to your pelvis as we both hit a shuddering orgasm and our hearts beat in the same rhythm as the throbbing of sexual pleasure.

“Now, we can finish our shower, woman.” I heard rather than saw the smile. I hadn’t caught my breath yet and wasn’t certain I could stand up.

“Really? I think I will just sit here for a minute. Nice of you to put the towel down, by the way.”

Whack! Your hand came down across my already tender ass making me jump and certainly leaving one of your infamous love marks.

“Ow! Damn, that hurt.”

“I know, but it did get you up, come on let me soap you up and then you can do me. Let’s move woman. A man has to eat, and you already told me you have no food in the house.”

“Beloved Master, I am certainly yours to command this morning. Besides, you told me you had a surprise for me.”

“Later, food first.”

Surprises – Just a Taste

Cover 200x300Surprises – Chapter Six

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

“Where are you?” Your voice rumbles over the phone late at night, waking me from dreams.

“Sleeping, in my bed. Where else would I be?”

“Go unlock the front door and get back in the bed. I will be there in two hours.”

Two hours. How will you be here in two hours? I think to myself as I stare at the clock by the side of the bed. It reads one a.m. What in the hell? I shake off the last vestige of sleep, throw a robe over my nude body and walk to the front door, even while thinking, was that really you or a dream? Two hours he says. It’s been weeks and he gives me two hours. I best move quickly if I want to at least wash the sleep from my body and have him find me under clean sheets. Even as I start the shower, gather a towel and pull sheets from the bed I can feel my body responding to your voice and the thought of your eminent arrival. Blood rushes to my clit, and my pussy starts to throb just knowing you will soon be here. No time. I will save it all for you.

We have reverted back to our routines of phone calls and e-mail since our first weekend together. Now though they are filled with what we have discovered, what we know about each other and what we still want to know. As the water beats down on me and the steam fills the bathroom I consider our conversations since we were last together and how different they have become, especially how there has been a change in our dynamic, a change that started during our weekend and continued during our weeks apart. We ranged in our talks, first how I felt about the sexual exploration. You pushed for me to open up and give honest answers. There were times I couldn’t answer immediately, where my silence told you I had to consider my answer. It was then you told me to write my answers to you, in detail with nothing withheld.

You have occupied a greater portion of my mind since we were together than I would have expected. I sit in front of my computer screen at work, staring at rows of numbers or a schedule and suddenly your voice is in my head, I can hear you telling me what you want to do to me the next time we are together and I lose entirely my train of thought. Worse still, some picture, pornographic and raw, has burned into my mind and I have drifted off into an erotic daydream featuring the two of us in place of the models. I no longer recognize myself, I am two maybe even three people and I am uncertain, which is the true me. Every morning I walk into my closet and cover the body you taught me to love with my ‘uniform’ of corporate respectability, as I dress I glance at the silk and satin I bought to wear while you were here, the dresses that threw respectability to the wind. In meetings I direct men and women to their tasks, my voice is sure and I am the ‘boss’, no hesitation or question. Yet, since you left I find myself drifting during meetings, thinking of our weekend or our most recent conversation.

Through our written exchanges, we delved deeper into boundaries, especially mine. We explored what had happened between us, what I had willingly offered to you, what you had asked of me and why. More pictures were exchanged between us; some of them were initially shocking even while they begin raise questions in my mind, about where we were going the direction of our relationship the path we were walking and what you wanted from me, whether I was a willing participant or simply curious. I wonder, even as I stand under the shower how far and where would this go next. I considered our last e-mail exchange, and my tongue-in-cheek opening, ‘My Master’ was this truer than I knew.

Our weekend has changed the direction of my writing, my concentration is disrupted and my writing was certainly taking a strange new direction. Where before I could easily sit for hours with only a cool glass of water and quiet music in the background, now I find my words drifting toward a new edginess, sometimes I don’t recognize what I have typed as my own. Whether articles for clients, journal entries or poems all seem to be infused with a new, different tang; a freedom and potential I hadn’t seen before. Is this freshness from our exchanges, from you pushing me to write you what I am thinking and feeling I cannot help but wonder as I stand under the shower spray.

Clean, freshly shaved and scented with my favorite lotion, I crawl back between fresh sheets to wait for you. Even the friction of my legs rubbing together sets sparks against the back of my eyelids. I haven’t bothered with clothing you would only have to remove, only the chain you left around my hips the last time you were here. I want you to have access to every part of me as soon as you arrive in case you are only here for hours instead of days. As I think these thoughts, thoughts of your arrival, thoughts of fucking you and pulling your dick into my mouth ‘til you beg me to stop, I drift off, back to dreams, but now they are of you.

Your kiss, at first, I think it is part of a dream. Right there on my neck, as you take the skin at my collarbone between your teeth, running your fingers over nipples before lifting first one then the other to your mouth. We haven’t even said hello, and my hips are beginning a dance, my cunt dripping already as your hand trails down my waist and across hipbones to my aching clit. With one hand you spread me wide, massaging my engorged nub with your thumb while fingers continue further exploration suddenly piercing me. At that moment you rise up and kiss me for the first time and I explode moaning into your mouth, my arms wrap around you in welcome.

Now What? Role Reversal – A Taste

Cover 200x300Now what? Role Reversal – Chapter Five

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Tonight is our last night together. We promised no strings, no tears. Just this, a weekend of blissful sex and an exploration of my boundaries. I thought I would be able to say goodbye tomorrow without looking back, but find I am already saddened at the thought of not seeing you again. You have made me brave. I won’t think about tomorrow. I will think about tonight and be certain it is earth shattering for both of us. If this is all we have, then it will be a memory both of us can enjoy for a very long time. I have arranged for your car to the airport and set the alarm for the morning.

After our sojourn under the stars, we both want a shower when we arrive back to what has now become our personal playground. Before running the shower, I stop in the kitchen to prepare a tray of liquid chocolate and fruits and place some Chateau De Fleur in the ice bucket for later. Knowing you don’t drink, I have selected a non-alcoholic champagne and added a Pomegranate juice to the bottom of our glasses for flavor. When I return to the bedroom, you have started the shower and are searching for towels. I have a minute to simply stare at you. Your already nude body stands in what has been ‘til now my very private space. We are at this moment a contrast with me clothed and you nude; I find myself pleased as I stare in the tilted mirror for a better view until you glance up and notice me staring.

You pull me toward you, grabbing the bottom of my dress you skim it over my head, raising my arms as you do. Now, I am left before you in a half corset holding breasts out to your touch, the white satin shining and the hard boning standing out in relief. My stockings cling to my thighs with three-inch lace tops, nothing more and I am still standing in five inches of bright red Fuck Me Pumps, the only piece of jewelry I wear, beside the permanent earrings stacked five deep up my ears, is the small gold chain I had added around my waist earlier. You take in what you have uncovered and reach out to the lacing of the corset first, slowly you work the laces loose while now and then reaching up to fondle a breast or twist a nipple to hardness. When you have finally loosened the corset enough to remove it you unwrap it from my waist and toss it aside, looking at what I am now wearing; only stockings and shoes. This time you slowly begin rolling the first stocking down my thigh. Standing directly in front of me, you have to kneel down to fully remove my stocking which puts you at eye level with my mons pubis. As you move you lean forward to remove my first shoe, you not so gently deliver a bite to what is in front of you and run your tongue just at the opening of the split, barely grazing my clit, this action is repeated with my second stocking and shoe, leaving me naked but for my chain and trembling.

You stand finally, patting my slightly abused cunt and smile into my eyes. Grabbing my hand, you lead me into the steaming shower, which we both need. Taking turns and with gentle hands we manage to shower almost innocently, though with our heightened senses our touch draws sighs when hands and sponges are pulled across and through peaks and valleys of sensitivity. Turning off the steaming flow of water we grab our towels and turn toward each other, rubbing dry and wrapping each other in hanging robes to keep warm. Though still replete from dinner, our next dessert awaits and both of us are eager to simply relax and enjoy a few minutes of quiet together.

Pillows are good for resting against just as much as other things. I have scattered the largest of my many pillows against both the head and foot of the bed for our comfort. You lead me to the bed and push me down while you do the honors of opening our libations and pouring. Handing me a glass, you survey the dessert tray and select one of my favorites, a plump strawberry. Dipping it into the still warm chocolate you press it to my lips as you seat yourself at the head of the bed facing me with the tray between us. Before us is a second feast, dark purple grapes beside slightly warmed figs, handfuls of blueberries surrounding cups of raspberries in honey sweetened and thickened heavy cream, plates of sliced peaches and kiwis surrounded by strawberries and of course, an abundance of warm, rich, dark chocolate. With the tray seated between your spread legs and me cross-legged at your feet, we both are seemingly satisfied for now with the arrangement.

“Will you trust me?”

“What now? Of course, I trust you.”

I slowly uncross my legs, taking a sip of my wine as I cross the bed to my nightstand, opening the drawer I remove a blindfold and cover your eyes.

“Can you see?”

“No, but what are you playing at, woman?”

“Don’t worry, darlin’ man. I won’t hurt you, but trust me. Don’t move.”

Dinner Out, A Taste

Dinner Out, A Taste

Dinner Out – Chapter Four

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Our morning has exhausted us. I have explored boundaries, and both of us are in need of showers and a nap. Smiling, I nudge you with ass and legs, the only thing free; you have failed to unbind my wrists as you rest against me.

“What, woman?” you say with a gruffness to your voice.

“Darlin’, let me up, so I can run the shower and fix us some food.”

“Oh, shit. Sorry.” But I hear the smile in your voice.

I feel you staring at the view before you, arms still held taut, ass in the air, legs together and bent. Slowly you run your finger across my shoulders and then down my spine, stopping just above my crack. Then, with a deliberate and stinging slap, you bring your hand down on my ass cheek at the same time you wrench my legs apart so you are kneeling between them and have exposed all my private places without any impediment to your view.

“You know, I think I like you just the way you are, especially with my hand print across that ass.”

“Damn, that hurt.”

Chuckling, you move forward to reach me, and you once again begin exploring. You move the tips of your fingers across my shoulders, this time leaning forward and running your fingers down the insides of my arms to my breasts. Lifting me up you take my nipples, one in each hand rolling them through your fingers until they are hard, and I am nearly weeping with need for something more. Slowly, your lips come down on the back of my neck, your fingers never leaving their position on my now overly sensitive nipples. You gently take the place you found earlier, just behind my ear, between your teeth running your lips across my neck as if I were your last meal.

You continue to explore neck, shoulders and spine with your teeth and lips. Finally, your hands continue their downward exploration of my now shuddering body. Without the pillow holding me up, I would not hold this position. Finally, you find my clit, throbbing, engorged and much in need of immediate relief, you move back from your spot kneeling so close to me. Now you can see me, still open and glistening wet. Despite my obvious need for you to fuck me, you move your hands down my ass and between my legs, touching your fingers to my clit and pushing your thumb inside me reaching for the rough circle of my G-spot. You massage me to a shattering orgasm. You are learning my body and my reactions so well by now. With a kiss to the still stinging handprint on my ass, you release my bonds.

“Now, woman. Now you can run us a shower, and together we will make some food to sustain us for later,” you say with a smile. I am smiling, too, as I wonder if I will be able to stand on still wobbling knees.

We had agreed before this weekend together, one night would be spent out, dinner and dancing, somewhere dark and private. I have found the perfect spot; somewhere I have never been but comes with high marks for their discretion, food and music. You only insist on a few rules as we ready ourselves for a night on the town, that I wear my highest heels, a dress and that you have free access to ass and pussy throughout the evening. I think I have just the thing to satisfy your demands, though I am nervous at the thought I will be nearly naked in public.

The very thought of what you have asked of me, of going into public dressed as you want sends shivers up my spine. I have never been so daring, so audacious, not even in my fantasies. My world of corporate button-down suits and fitting in, of white-bread marital sex with three acceptable positions and rote outcomes was being turned upside down. I wanted this with you. I didn’t know truly what it meant, but I knew even if it was only this one single weekend, I wanted this with you. Now, standing before the mirror in a dress you had helped select via cell phone pictures from a dressing room, I wonder to myself can I carry this off. The look in your eyes, the flash of heat when you first see me as I emerge from the bedroom tells me all I need to know. I am beautiful to you.



Tumbling down, wells of desperate fear
Walls built to protect from monsters within
I crumble at the onslaught of core need
For touch and validation of existence
Dammit, stop please I am drowning
Each breath ragged, drawn across pain
Moonlight brightens corners better left dark
Fiends slather, licking lips of crimson
Colored by past spilled blood
Topaz eyes stare down into mine
Glitter with possession
Mine as you stroke my side
Mine, you demand my agreement
I love you, said staring down at me
Retreat immediate, without fanfare
My surrender snatched back
Possession and passion connected
Desperate for safety, please no more
Walk away, run, let me go
No, mine you say again as you look down
This time wiping tears from my face
Soothing fears and chasing brutes back to darkness


Chrysalis Shattered

sensual-womanHead thrown back, thoughts swirl
Kaleidoscope colors burst
Hips wind a rhythm their own
Unhinged, loose and warmed
Reaching for something elusive
Hands twined, through fingers
Stilling movement and retreat
Stopping breath before exhale
Whispered pleas, no more stop
For you, mine now mine
Fingers trace lost curves
Forgotten femaleness hidden away
Waiting for invitation to emerge
To breathe, mourning lost time
Commanded let go,
Now, maybe forever but now
Chrysalis fallen away, shattered
Against walls of private fears
Of not enough ever, maybe today
Piercing the barriers of never
With cries of now please


The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More – Chapter Three

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

We finish breakfast in silence, except for the music I have turned on in the background; a mix of jazz and blues I often listen to in the morning. We had agreed before this first meeting, as much as we might want, we would leave the world at the doorstep for the few hours we would have together. With our meal complete, I leave to check the water in the tub and top it with some more heat from the faucet; it had cooled too much while we were finishing.

I had prepared for your visit and made certain you would be comfortable. After removing the tray, I wrap you in a robe and lead you to the bath, hoping the water is perfect and to your liking. While I allow you to rest, I remove the debris of the morning. Leaving only the bowls of cream, chocolate and honey for what I have planned. When I return I bring with me more coffee, iced water, fresh juice and fruits to sustain us.

You look perfect resting in the water, the outline of your body causes my skin to tingle; even at rest you excite me. For now, I am going to give you the gift of a true hetaerae. I am going to take care of you, and you will be a gentleman and let me. Still wearing my black kimono and heels I kneel by the side of the tub, and starting at your feet, I begin the slow process of part massage and part bathing with my special soft soap and sea sponge. I circle every inch of you, working slowly up each leg, behind your knees and up your thighs. When I reach your balls and cock, I set aside my sponge and replace it with a soft cloth, rubbing gently across the sensitive skin, grazing your perineum with my nails. I continue my exploration, your belly and chest, not forgetting arms and neck.

When I finish with the front of you, I remove my kimono and shoes and sit on the back of the tub so I can finish my ministrations. Sliding down behind you my legs wrap around you. My clit creates its own friction as my pussy spreads wide; my breasts flatten against your back as you press backward. The water level rises while our two bodies settle momentarily at rest in the buoyancy. My arms and legs are wrapped entirely around you now, and I am unable to stop myself from grinding my fully engorged clit into your backbone, bringing myself nearly to orgasm before trying to stop myself. You sense my need, and I can feel you chuckle as you begin to unwind my legs and arms. Suddenly, I am staring in your eyes as you sit opposite me in the tub and push me back to the ledge.

I have never been looked at the way you look at me. It makes me nervous while at the same time, hot as hell. You reach out and beginning at my collar bone begin stroking down toward my breast, tweaking then twisting one nipple then the other while with the other hand you push my legs as far apart as they will go. I am as exposed as I have ever been, when you reach with your free hand and pull on my clit, then begin to circle with your thumb, I think my head will explode. My legs naturally want to close, I am unused to the exposure; you don’t let them and hold me open to your view. You continue to circle my clit with your thumb, but even this isn’t enough. You push first one then two fingers into my now dripping channel; my head drops back as I meet the invasion with an explosion of pleasure. My legs are shaking as you continue to push my limits, just as I reach the top you lean forward and grab my clit between your teeth flick your tongue while pulling me across the galaxy. My pussy throbs around your fingers still deeply embedded in me, all I can think is, “Don’t move yet, please”.