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Dinner Out, A Taste

Dinner Out, A Taste

Dinner Out – Chapter Four

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Our morning has exhausted us. I have explored boundaries, and both of us are in need of showers and a nap. Smiling, I nudge you with ass and legs, the only thing free; you have failed to unbind my wrists as you rest against me.

“What, woman?” you say with a gruffness to your voice.

“Darlin’, let me up, so I can run the shower and fix us some food.”

“Oh, shit. Sorry.” But I hear the smile in your voice.

I feel you staring at the view before you, arms still held taut, ass in the air, legs together and bent. Slowly you run your finger across my shoulders and then down my spine, stopping just above my crack. Then, with a deliberate and stinging slap, you bring your hand down on my ass cheek at the same time you wrench my legs apart so you are kneeling between them and have exposed all my private places without any impediment to your view.

“You know, I think I like you just the way you are, especially with my hand print across that ass.”

“Damn, that hurt.”

Chuckling, you move forward to reach me, and you once again begin exploring. You move the tips of your fingers across my shoulders, this time leaning forward and running your fingers down the insides of my arms to my breasts. Lifting me up you take my nipples, one in each hand rolling them through your fingers until they are hard, and I am nearly weeping with need for something more. Slowly, your lips come down on the back of my neck, your fingers never leaving their position on my now overly sensitive nipples. You gently take the place you found earlier, just behind my ear, between your teeth running your lips across my neck as if I were your last meal.

You continue to explore neck, shoulders and spine with your teeth and lips. Finally, your hands continue their downward exploration of my now shuddering body. Without the pillow holding me up, I would not hold this position. Finally, you find my clit, throbbing, engorged and much in need of immediate relief, you move back from your spot kneeling so close to me. Now you can see me, still open and glistening wet. Despite my obvious need for you to fuck me, you move your hands down my ass and between my legs, touching your fingers to my clit and pushing your thumb inside me reaching for the rough circle of my G-spot. You massage me to a shattering orgasm. You are learning my body and my reactions so well by now. With a kiss to the still stinging handprint on my ass, you release my bonds.

“Now, woman. Now you can run us a shower, and together we will make some food to sustain us for later,” you say with a smile. I am smiling, too, as I wonder if I will be able to stand on still wobbling knees.

We had agreed before this weekend together, one night would be spent out, dinner and dancing, somewhere dark and private. I have found the perfect spot; somewhere I have never been but comes with high marks for their discretion, food and music. You only insist on a few rules as we ready ourselves for a night on the town, that I wear my highest heels, a dress and that you have free access to ass and pussy throughout the evening. I think I have just the thing to satisfy your demands, though I am nervous at the thought I will be nearly naked in public.

The very thought of what you have asked of me, of going into public dressed as you want sends shivers up my spine. I have never been so daring, so audacious, not even in my fantasies. My world of corporate button-down suits and fitting in, of white-bread marital sex with three acceptable positions and rote outcomes was being turned upside down. I wanted this with you. I didn’t know truly what it meant, but I knew even if it was only this one single weekend, I wanted this with you. Now, standing before the mirror in a dress you had helped select via cell phone pictures from a dressing room, I wonder to myself can I carry this off. The look in your eyes, the flash of heat when you first see me as I emerge from the bedroom tells me all I need to know. I am beautiful to you.

The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More, A Taste

The Bath and More – Chapter Three

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

We finish breakfast in silence, except for the music I have turned on in the background; a mix of jazz and blues I often listen to in the morning. We had agreed before this first meeting, as much as we might want, we would leave the world at the doorstep for the few hours we would have together. With our meal complete, I leave to check the water in the tub and top it with some more heat from the faucet; it had cooled too much while we were finishing.

I had prepared for your visit and made certain you would be comfortable. After removing the tray, I wrap you in a robe and lead you to the bath, hoping the water is perfect and to your liking. While I allow you to rest, I remove the debris of the morning. Leaving only the bowls of cream, chocolate and honey for what I have planned. When I return I bring with me more coffee, iced water, fresh juice and fruits to sustain us.

You look perfect resting in the water, the outline of your body causes my skin to tingle; even at rest you excite me. For now, I am going to give you the gift of a true hetaerae. I am going to take care of you, and you will be a gentleman and let me. Still wearing my black kimono and heels I kneel by the side of the tub, and starting at your feet, I begin the slow process of part massage and part bathing with my special soft soap and sea sponge. I circle every inch of you, working slowly up each leg, behind your knees and up your thighs. When I reach your balls and cock, I set aside my sponge and replace it with a soft cloth, rubbing gently across the sensitive skin, grazing your perineum with my nails. I continue my exploration, your belly and chest, not forgetting arms and neck.

When I finish with the front of you, I remove my kimono and shoes and sit on the back of the tub so I can finish my ministrations. Sliding down behind you my legs wrap around you. My clit creates its own friction as my pussy spreads wide; my breasts flatten against your back as you press backward. The water level rises while our two bodies settle momentarily at rest in the buoyancy. My arms and legs are wrapped entirely around you now, and I am unable to stop myself from grinding my fully engorged clit into your backbone, bringing myself nearly to orgasm before trying to stop myself. You sense my need, and I can feel you chuckle as you begin to unwind my legs and arms. Suddenly, I am staring in your eyes as you sit opposite me in the tub and push me back to the ledge.

I have never been looked at the way you look at me. It makes me nervous while at the same time, hot as hell. You reach out and beginning at my collar bone begin stroking down toward my breast, tweaking then twisting one nipple then the other while with the other hand you push my legs as far apart as they will go. I am as exposed as I have ever been, when you reach with your free hand and pull on my clit, then begin to circle with your thumb, I think my head will explode. My legs naturally want to close, I am unused to the exposure; you don’t let them and hold me open to your view. You continue to circle my clit with your thumb, but even this isn’t enough. You push first one then two fingers into my now dripping channel; my head drops back as I meet the invasion with an explosion of pleasure. My legs are shaking as you continue to push my limits, just as I reach the top you lean forward and grab my clit between your teeth flick your tongue while pulling me across the galaxy. My pussy throbs around your fingers still deeply embedded in me, all I can think is, “Don’t move yet, please”.

Breakfast and a Bit of Fun, A Taste

Breakfast and a Bit of Fun, A Taste

Chapter 2 – Breakfast and a Bit of Fun

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Last night left me trembling, my knees so weak I could barely stand. You were tireless, pushing me beyond my limits, and I have never cum so many times. I am delightfully sore, still throbbing from our lovemaking. You have dragged me to the center of the bed, wrapped your arms around me and held me the entire night. Your breath on the back of my neck is a reminder, the length of you nestled between my thighs an invitation to more.

This morning though, after you rest, I have something else in mind.

My bedroom is my domain, I have taken extra care to ensure there is everything here we could possibly need or want, at least in the short term. It is cool and dark, though the lights can be adjusted. There are mirrors where we might like them. Scarves dangle from each post in the bed in case we might want more creative play. Pillows are scattered on the bed and floor. At the end of the bed there is a linen chest that sits higher than the foot-board, perfect for certain views, the possibilities are endless. Maybe, I will show you later. My en suite bathroom was designed to satisfy my slightly decadent taste, with an open shower large enough for two that includes a seat perfect for me to bring myself off on and a river stone floor that massages your feet as you shower to wake you up. The tub is big enough for two, with jets to sooth or excite, I often sit for hours simply reheating the water.

I designed my bedroom with only me in mind, with the thought I would be alone and this would be my sanctuary. When I found myself suddenly single, it was the first place I scrubbed, the first place I made my own. Every floorboard, every wall color, every cabinet I selected with care to create a perfect refuge for myself. I spend so much of my time working, this was to be the one place I could shed my outer public layer and unwind.

Everything about my existence ‘til now, even my marriage, had always been so controlled. I colored inside the lines; rarely did I not play by the rules. My bedroom then reflected my restraint; it could have been any bedroom in any model home ready for sale.

When my husband left I looked around and decided I needed a change, something that just my own and I started with my bedroom. When I created my bedroom, I let my imagination run free just the tiniest bit. I allowed myself to touch a part of me I barely knew existed. This first sanctuary is all mine and all me because I gave myself permission to explore a more decadent side of myself. When we began to talk I started to add pillows, mirrors and other more risqué items of play and comfort with the thought someday I would share my space if only for a short time.

Now, here you are within my inner sanctum.

Today is a day I am going to serve you a different feast, one meant to delight more of your senses. Your arm tightens on me even as you continue in your rest. I gently lift your arm and roll to my side slipping out from under the covers, still damp from last night’s efforts. As I stand in front of the mirror examining myself I can see where the bones from my corset left marks along my ribs, my chain still hangs around my waist since you told me to leave it so you could use it to hold me still. Turning, I look behind me, and I see the red mark of your hand across my ass where more than one time you brought it down bringing greater heat to our shared pleasure. Fucking creates a heat all its own and the mere memory nearly pushes me right back to orgasm. You seem to have that way with me, one I do not understand.

The Meeting, A Taste

The Meeting, A Taste

Chapter 1 – The Meeting

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

You have been on my mind all day. Finally, today is the day we will meet after months of talking and sharing fantasies. I am wet with anticipation.

I need to finish preparations before your arrival, quickly undressing and stepping into the shower wanting to be as clean as possible for your arrival. I love watching the water stream down my body, over breasts and down my clean-shaven pussy. As hot water passes over my exposed clit my excitement mounts and am tempted to grab the hand spray and finish what my mind has started. Standing under the pulsing shower, sponging every inch of myself with lavender soap finally reaching my pussy, I don’t think I can wait for you to arrive; I need to cum now. Nothing seems more important than what I feel right now as my knees force me to sit. I reach for my clit and with my free hand I guide the water spray directly on to my throbbing slit. There is no turning back. I cannot wait for you as waves of pleasure wash over me I throw my head back as the roller-coaster of pleasure reaches the top and quickly descends leaving me spent.

Snapping out of my fantasy, I finish my shower and prepare for your arrival. I have picked out something special to wear, just for you, something I know you will like. Black satin corset, boned and laced up the back; my breasts are plump and pushed up, easily accessed the top of my nipples showing; black silk thigh high stockings you can leave on if you want; black lace panties match the ace at the top of the stockings; my heels keep me from moving too quickly, but make my legs look as if they go on forever. For you, I have added my black silk collar and a silver chain around my waist.

Mine, Introduction

Cover 200x300

Where it all started… I know the exact moment but would have never believed it would lead to where we are today. I am a saver, though usually I don’t save random e-mail. But your very first one, I saved it for some reason, and the hundreds since that one I have saved them, too.

You started with a simple kindness, was I “okay”? You had seen my husband had walked out on me, through a social media site we both follow. We had “talked” before, about random political leanings, the state of the world. We had many common philosophical bents, many similar political stances and we had often “talked” about the daily grind of war, poverty, education and a host of other “issues” of the day. Never once, in our many conversations had we crossed the line into the personal.

Then my husband walked out. I was hurt and alone; my angst was strewn across the page along with my fears and self-doubt. You reached out with a simple kindness: “Are you okay?” You were nearly a stranger who became a friend. For some reason, I saved that first e-mail and every one after, now I have thousands. Through shared confidences, secrets, rants and vents, tears and my fury, we became friends. Through the months of my divorce, you stood by with calm advice and reminders I was worth more.

Then something shifted in our relationship; something moved beyond the daily grind to the more esoteric and more personal. You begin asking questions, to probe and prod. You begin to push me to consider what I wanted and to see myself as deserving of more than what I had before, more than what I had been with husband and more than what I was alone.

Months went by as we talked and explored our evolving relationship, one day out of the blue I said to you, “I think you should say yes, whatever yes means just say yes. Whether this is a dinner or a weekend, just say yes.”

I think this surprised us both. I wasn’t usually forward, not usually the one to breach the walls. We didn’t pursue this line again, only agreeing someday we would both say yes to a meeting. You continued to be my best supporter as the months rolled over me, sometimes like a steamroller. My divorce dragged on, painfully so at times. With each setback, my ego took a beating, and you challenged me, challenged my perceptions of self, challenged what I saw in the mirror on the wall and in my head.

Finally, one day I received notification all the paperwork was signed, all the agreements met and I had a court date. You were the first person I called with the news. You patiently listened as I told you I would soon be free, as I said to you soon nearly twenty years of my life would be wiped away with a judge’s pen. You said very little as I rambled on. You must have known I had mixed feelings, that even while I was relieved, I was hurt. Soon after we hung up you sent me this in an e-mail:

So my question is twofold. Are you happy to be on your own, caring just for Scarlett, no concern what others desire in making your daily schedule and your needs. And will you require a period of rest from sharing yourself with a man, meaning, will/won’t you desire a time/break in your life to spend time working on you.

I had to consider what you meant, what you were asking, but finally days later I responded with this:

I am contented. It feels nice right now to wander from room to room knowing they reflect me and my taste and my desires, or they could. It feels good to write when I choose without being questioned, or go to the lake or wander the market, go to the ballet or turn the music on and dance or simply curl up with a book. Yes, I like those things. I like claiming myself. I like sitting in the tub. Someday I might learn to sleep in the center of the bed, though honestly I wouldn’t mind a body next to me. It is a big bed after all. I want to continue to reclaim me. Find me under all the debris, but yes I feel content that it is done.

Remember talking about a Grown Assed Man? If that man walked into my life tomorrow, I wouldn’t kick him to the curb. I probably wouldn’t move him into my home, but I wouldn’t turn away from the possibility of love either. I don’t believe we are meant to be alone through life. I believe truly in my heart we are meant to be loved and to love in all its different meanings. We are meant to be cherished, petted, pampered and seen for who we are. We are meant to share our lives. We are meant to find our ways to each other and to love.

Scared? Hell yes, scared as hell. Scared I might be alone forever because I might not ever trust someone with my heart and all my secrets. Scared I might not recognize love if it were to stand in front of me heart in hand. Scared I might grow too content in my self-imposed isolation and too selfish in my contentedness. Nevertheless, as I have said to you more than once, hope is something I cannot allow myself to give up. Cracks in my heart let in light not darkness. I will rest; I have been resting for years now without even knowing it. But if that Grown Assed Man stumbled through the door, hell if I know what I would do.

Your response was quick and pointed. Your response made me laugh at the time. I realize now you were saying yes, and it is time. From then on, our relationship changed again and has been evolving since:

You’d better get educated to what love is, and teach yourself to alertly recognize love when it does eventually come ringing your front doorbell, or when it sneaks up your tight back door.