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Fingertips dance down arms

                I pull the sheets tighter around me

               It is the wind, only the wind

Flames lick my collarbone

                I use ice and cool my heat

               It is the sun through the window, only the sun

Plagued with teasing and heated hints of touch

                Across skin deprived of any but my own

                I blame the season and fear winter

Silk flows over me like water, a second skin, tantalizing softly

                Heated water enfolds me and embraces, lifts me weightless

                Enraptured I sink into either, seeking solace and relief

Please, please, no more, please now

              I hear a voice begging as if in pain  

             Tears flowing I awaken, it is a dream only another dream




Tumbling down, wells of desperate fear
Walls built to protect from monsters within
I crumble at the onslaught of core need
For touch and validation of existence
Dammit, stop please I am drowning
Each breath ragged, drawn across pain
Moonlight brightens corners better left dark
Fiends slather, licking lips of crimson
Colored by past spilled blood
Topaz eyes stare down into mine
Glitter with possession
Mine as you stroke my side
Mine, you demand my agreement
I love you, said staring down at me
Retreat immediate, without fanfare
My surrender snatched back
Possession and passion connected
Desperate for safety, please no more
Walk away, run, let me go
No, mine you say again as you look down
This time wiping tears from my face
Soothing fears and chasing brutes back to darkness


Chrysalis Shattered

sensual-womanHead thrown back, thoughts swirl
Kaleidoscope colors burst
Hips wind a rhythm their own
Unhinged, loose and warmed
Reaching for something elusive
Hands twined, through fingers
Stilling movement and retreat
Stopping breath before exhale
Whispered pleas, no more stop
For you, mine now mine
Fingers trace lost curves
Forgotten femaleness hidden away
Waiting for invitation to emerge
To breathe, mourning lost time
Commanded let go,
Now, maybe forever but now
Chrysalis fallen away, shattered
Against walls of private fears
Of not enough ever, maybe today
Piercing the barriers of never
With cries of now please



Lonley-In-The-MoonlightI slumbered in deep wells near the sea, lulled by the steady crash of waves;
Surrounded by darkness and silence;
Sometimes the tides pulled me to life, towards the surface;
Sunlight sparkling off shale and polished sand;
The moon overhead covered me in silver, the nights chill deepened my slumbering heart;
The glitter of stars against a night sky sent me back into my well;
I wrapped my mantle across my shoulders and against the chill;
My victorious, imprinted on skin the monsters chained outside;
My warrior princess fierce in her guardianship of my heart.
Then you reached down and whispered, remember Cara;
Love awaits, roll away the stones piled high and remember;
I said no, sputtered, then silent then yes.
How did you do that to my shattered self with just remember.
Then you said laugh, I adore you and I believed never questioning.
You asked, will you know and I said no and then I hope and then yes.
Then you said, I am broken and I said so am I, together we are whole;
In my long slumbering heart I dreamed of you forever;
Then you reached down and said;
Remember Cara and I did.


I Want it All

rumpled bedMine, a single word holds me still, my mind frozen
Whispered in the dark, against my sleeping back
In the dawns pink light out loud, shattering my morning
My mind holds it, whispers it back to me when you are not here, Yours
Mine, a phantom arm around my back, lips against my ear a whisper
Dancing to a rhythm only partly of music’s making
Body molded as if it knows your contours and fit before
Dared to agree, even my skin responds without need for more, Yours
Mine, spun from honey and silk across a fearful heart
Secret words and questions, challenge shadowed corners
You are the first I tell you, gifting you my secrets and my doubts
You are the only one I see in the corner of my eye, my heart wide open, Yours
Mine, you are King Shahryar to my Scheherazade as I spin tales for your amusement
Stories laid at your feet, laying bare my soul as a place of delight
Each tale told to free us both or bind us more closely together
Hints of velvet and gold lay lightly on my neck a promise, Yours
Mine, unbound until you knock on the door, ask me again
Fantasy and reality entangled, my spirits wings beating with your heartbeat
Silk bonds float down to lay across wrists offered in trust to you, bound to you
I have loved you before as you knot the red silk and draw me toward you, Yours