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Now What? Role Reversal – A Taste

Cover 200x300Now what? Role Reversal – Chapter Five

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

Available exclusively from Redmund Productions.

Tonight is our last night together. We promised no strings, no tears. Just this, a weekend of blissful sex and an exploration of my boundaries. I thought I would be able to say goodbye tomorrow without looking back, but find I am already saddened at the thought of not seeing you again. You have made me brave. I won’t think about tomorrow. I will think about tonight and be certain it is earth shattering for both of us. If this is all we have, then it will be a memory both of us can enjoy for a very long time. I have arranged for your car to the airport and set the alarm for the morning.

After our sojourn under the stars, we both want a shower when we arrive back to what has now become our personal playground. Before running the shower, I stop in the kitchen to prepare a tray of liquid chocolate and fruits and place some Chateau De Fleur in the ice bucket for later. Knowing you don’t drink, I have selected a non-alcoholic champagne and added a Pomegranate juice to the bottom of our glasses for flavor. When I return to the bedroom, you have started the shower and are searching for towels. I have a minute to simply stare at you. Your already nude body stands in what has been ‘til now my very private space. We are at this moment a contrast with me clothed and you nude; I find myself pleased as I stare in the tilted mirror for a better view until you glance up and notice me staring.

You pull me toward you, grabbing the bottom of my dress you skim it over my head, raising my arms as you do. Now, I am left before you in a half corset holding breasts out to your touch, the white satin shining and the hard boning standing out in relief. My stockings cling to my thighs with three-inch lace tops, nothing more and I am still standing in five inches of bright red Fuck Me Pumps, the only piece of jewelry I wear, beside the permanent earrings stacked five deep up my ears, is the small gold chain I had added around my waist earlier. You take in what you have uncovered and reach out to the lacing of the corset first, slowly you work the laces loose while now and then reaching up to fondle a breast or twist a nipple to hardness. When you have finally loosened the corset enough to remove it you unwrap it from my waist and toss it aside, looking at what I am now wearing; only stockings and shoes. This time you slowly begin rolling the first stocking down my thigh. Standing directly in front of me, you have to kneel down to fully remove my stocking which puts you at eye level with my mons pubis. As you move you lean forward to remove my first shoe, you not so gently deliver a bite to what is in front of you and run your tongue just at the opening of the split, barely grazing my clit, this action is repeated with my second stocking and shoe, leaving me naked but for my chain and trembling.

You stand finally, patting my slightly abused cunt and smile into my eyes. Grabbing my hand, you lead me into the steaming shower, which we both need. Taking turns and with gentle hands we manage to shower almost innocently, though with our heightened senses our touch draws sighs when hands and sponges are pulled across and through peaks and valleys of sensitivity. Turning off the steaming flow of water we grab our towels and turn toward each other, rubbing dry and wrapping each other in hanging robes to keep warm. Though still replete from dinner, our next dessert awaits and both of us are eager to simply relax and enjoy a few minutes of quiet together.

Pillows are good for resting against just as much as other things. I have scattered the largest of my many pillows against both the head and foot of the bed for our comfort. You lead me to the bed and push me down while you do the honors of opening our libations and pouring. Handing me a glass, you survey the dessert tray and select one of my favorites, a plump strawberry. Dipping it into the still warm chocolate you press it to my lips as you seat yourself at the head of the bed facing me with the tray between us. Before us is a second feast, dark purple grapes beside slightly warmed figs, handfuls of blueberries surrounding cups of raspberries in honey sweetened and thickened heavy cream, plates of sliced peaches and kiwis surrounded by strawberries and of course, an abundance of warm, rich, dark chocolate. With the tray seated between your spread legs and me cross-legged at your feet, we both are seemingly satisfied for now with the arrangement.

“Will you trust me?”

“What now? Of course, I trust you.”

I slowly uncross my legs, taking a sip of my wine as I cross the bed to my nightstand, opening the drawer I remove a blindfold and cover your eyes.

“Can you see?”

“No, but what are you playing at, woman?”

“Don’t worry, darlin’ man. I won’t hurt you, but trust me. Don’t move.”

About Scarlett Baker

Writer, artist and thrill seeker. Scarlett is a mystery, even to herself at times. Her exploration of love stories with a touch of the dark began when she found herself single and dangling by a thread of hope mixed with a splash of the terrible. Faced with being alone for the first time in nearly twenty years, with not a clue what to do with a vast future she decided to explore the world of her fantasies, something she had done little of up until now.

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