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Morning is Broken

Cover 200x300Chapter 17 – Morning is Broken – Mine

Just a taste of my newly published book. Tell me what you think.

After our shower of the night, we slept curled into each other. Your arms around me pulling me tightly against you through the entire night made me feel cherished and petted. Before light broke through the shutters, my eyes were open and I lay in your arms, listening to you breathe. Your nakedness against my back, tucked around me. Your arms pulling me into you as if to keep me still until you wake and are ready to release me to the day. I begin slowly to stretch my muscles, rolling my shoulders and straightening my legs, discovering your use of the night before has left me sore and aching in the most telling and delicious way. Trying to slip out from under you without waking you, your arms tighten around me.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Going to make coffee and pee. It is morning.”

“Huh, come back to bed when you are done. I am not done with you.”

“Of course, what else though? I think I might be too sore this morning for much fun, My Heart.”

“Sore, what is sore? We will see.”

I can’t help but wonder what is in your mind; the look on your face so early doesn’t bode well for a peaceful morning. I throw on my wrap and make my way to the kitchen still thinking about your words, considering a peace offering on the way. Will a peace offering remove the look from your eye, that predatory look you get when you are preparing something that will move me further from my comfort zone? A shiver runs up my spine as I consider you and the possibilities.

With coffee running, I make my way back to the bedroom and then the bath. Finishing morning absolution’s, running a brush through my hair, I hear your voice rumble from the bed. “What are you doing, woman? Are you avoiding me?”

“Never, My Heart, I am just freshening up.”

“Well then, move your ass. Get in here.”

I think I have been avoiding returning to bed, almost afraid of what you have in store this morning. I notice you have returned the wedge pillow to the bed, this time at the foot of the bed.

“Sit, Cara. We should talk.”

You point to the end of the bed; your legs are sprawled open so I have no choice but to sit between them facing you, back against the pillow. The gleam in your eye tells me you have plans; I am between terror and excitement considering the possibilities as I arrange myself at the foot of the bed.

“What is it, My Heart, so early in the morning that we should talk about?”

I reach over to stroke your leg. It is impossible for me to ignore and nearly impossible for me not to touch you when I am near you.

“Stop, sweetheart. This is what we are going to talk about. Today, you are not to touch. You don’t touch me; no matter what I do, you don’t touch me. You don’t touch yourself, unless I tell you that you can.”

“But, My, that is impossible. How will I go a day without touch?”

“I did not say there would be no touch, did I? I said you would not touch. You will keep your hands and your mouth to yourself.”

“But, My Heart, I love touching you. This is a terrible direction. I don’t like this at all. Why are you doing this?”

“Think of this as foreplay, Cara. Something new”, you say with a sly grin as you reach for your dick and begin slowly running your hand up to the head and back down to the base. I am mesmerized by the sight of you masturbating, as pre-cum glistens and your eyes watch me. I want only one thing, I want to replace your hand with mine and then to take you into my mouth, swallowing as much of you as possible.

About Scarlett Baker

Writer, artist and thrill seeker. Scarlett is a mystery, even to herself at times. Her exploration of love stories with a touch of the dark began when she found herself single and dangling by a thread of hope mixed with a splash of the terrible. Faced with being alone for the first time in nearly twenty years, with not a clue what to do with a vast future she decided to explore the world of her fantasies, something she had done little of up until now.

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